Human Design

Our Uniqueness

from the book 'Discovering life's journey'

We are unique individuals, don't need to be like others, but just embrace our uniqueness.

Human Design was born, downloaded, and developed  in 1987 by a gentleman named Ra Uru Hu. It is a road map, a guide to your life’s  purpose and path. It shows you how to relate to others, as well as how to guide your  children. If you have heard of it and you're wondering, “What in the world is this,  and how do I identify with it?” download your chart. There are websites where you can run your chart  for free: and

We’re transitioning into a greater awakening and Human Design, as stated by Hu,  was put here for the next generation, the children. So, if we can understand  who we are and how to make our best choices, then we can guide our children as well,  helping them stay aligned with themselves, and working to condition them to be their  best selves, and not the one type of person society often molds us to be. 

Human Design incorporates your astrological birth chart in an entirely new way. This  system is literally the makeup of your unique energetic configuration - your aura, the  energy field that you constantly carry. All of these pieces are determined by when and  where you were born. Your soul’s purpose and journey can be found within the  human design chart - your life story, your path in this incarnation. You can look at  your chart and see the insight it offers into who you are, how you can make decisions,  and how you communicate most effectively. At its core, it helps you bridge the gap  between who you are and who you want to be. It is made up of many different  ancient systems: astrology, the Kaballah Tree of Life, the I Ching, the Chakra system,  as well as aspects of biochemistry. 

When you look at your chart, you will see a list to the left of your bodygraph. This list  will include your day, time, place of birth, your type, profile, definition, incarnation  cross, and channels. Paying attention to your type is important because it determines  your energy type, the role you fulfill in the world, and your decision-making strategy.

Energy Type and Authority

My energy type is a Pure Generator. Generators make up approximately 37% of the population. We exist to  respond. We're here to work and act as the life force of the world, the worker bees, and our job is to respond to situations. We are not typically  managers or delegators but are actual doers. We love getting our hands dirty. We  give 110% to our projects and accomplish tasks that truly energize us. We are not designed to  initiate things, but instead, to respond to the situations that we attract. 

A good exercise is to visualise ourselves as a magnet, then let people and opportunities attracted by us.

Your authority is your decision-making strategy.
I have a Sacral authority, it means I have a defined sacral center, I need to trust my gut when taking decisions.

Profile and Incarnation Cross

Your profile is about how you learn life’s lessons and how your personality interacts with others as you move through life.
My Profile is 1 investigator/3 martyr:
we gather all the evidence and knowledge(line1) and then learn from experimentation (line3).

Your incarnation cross is your life theme, the lesson that you are here to learn, and how you approach your life journey.
Mine is to share what I have learned with others so they benefit.

It is fascinating to see where your human design chart shows traits that you feel resonating with who you really are and others you should work on to free yourself from the conditioning you have received since you were little.
Accepting that everyone is different and has a different purpose in this life gives a deep sense of peace, we are perfect as we are no matter the pressure to be in a certain way to be 'successful' in this society.

A personalised chart

This is a little 3 pages booklet I have created for myself and I enjoy making also for others.

I have combined some of my passions together to better understand the concepts of Human Design so I can be able to apply them to my everyday life: the inner child, drawing, making things user-friendly.
Instead of using the normal chart that is quite impersonal to me, I drew a character that represents my inner child.
The inner child refers to our authentic self, who we were before the conditioning and I personalise the chart drawing a child resembling the real one, using a photo from childhood.
In my case I used also some imagination and added long hair that I always wished to have :)
This way the person can relate more to the chart rather than seeing it as some distant concept to apply. It becomes a fun roadmap to use, a way to check how our energy flows better following certain choices, closer to our nature, rather then other ones dictated by society and conditioning.

If the fear of failure is stopping you in your tracks, recognize that it’s probably just False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.), take a deep breath and push through it. Nothing would ever get done if we let the fear of failure stop us.