From Science to Digital Design. Graphic, Web and UX Designer.

I feel I am drew by instinct to improve things, situations and people, I like to find solutions using the available resources.
With a background in Biology and Digital Media Arts and Design I believe my resources, but also my talents, are a good mix of creativity and rationality.

I truly care about what I do, I care about values, knowledge, I do care more about collaboration rather than competition.
In a world full of isolated selves I like to think that communities need to build networks of people that bring together resources and talents.

I have visited places and lived in different cities and countries. Each experience, a new brick of myself.
Regardless of where I am, I'm always passionate about learning. My actual learning: London, its multicultural vibe and UX design!

"Every time we learn something new,
we become something new."
-Leo Buscaglia