The inner child

Little us

There is an inner child inside each of us, a child who governs our lives, who influences our decisions with his enthusiasm or his fears.

Often as adults we lose contact with him (her), partly to protect ourselves (the famous survival instinct), partly because the concept of being adults often does not coincide with the inclusion of a childish part within us.
But he or she is always with us, from the first to the last day of life.

Sometimes we call it intuition, sometimes soul, it is however the most authentic part of ourselves that is worth getting back in touch with.
With every part of it, the joy and enthusiasm, which are the engine that drives the action forward of all successful people, but also with the wounds and blocks which guide our life through repetitive and painful patterns until we face them and give those memories a closure.

A hint to reconnect with our inner child

Joy is often a way to reconnect ourselves with the inner child. What does give us joy? Do we know it? If not what was something we really enjoyed to do when we where children?
For me, for example, was drawing and creating imaginary worlds in my mind. I also loved wandering in nature and collecting sticks, leaves, little rocks, shells but also bottle caps and whatever was interesting for me to create something new I could play with.

Today drawing is still something that gives me joy, as many other creative activities like writing, photography, ceramics, walking and noticing details in nature or things around me. I still love to build something new, for example starting a new project, working for a start up.

And this is a way to go back to ourselves when we feel disconnected, maybe lost doing the things we believe for some reasons... culture, education, society, religion... we have to do in our life but don't make us happy.
Let's go back to when we were little, still pure, still in touch with our soul and purpose for this life and ask: 'what was something I really loved to do or dream about?'

A personalised inner child portrait

J was born and lives in Australia. When she was little she asked a lot of questions about Aboriginal people, but no one was interested. She has always felt attracted to light and spiritual things, she loves nature. She had a dream: to create a space where people can connect with the Aborigines, have a chat, enjoy their art and culture. At the time of the portrait she was really working to manifest her dream and today she has created that space, called Magpie place, in Brisbane, Australia.

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it."
-From the book The Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry